Bronson Walters

Bronson Walters, owner, studied the science of Kinesiology while playing collegiate baseball at Virginia Tech. He finished his degree and completed his Master’s Degree in Sports Health Science at Radford University. His knowledge of muscular anatomy, physiology, and exercise sport athletic training enables him to analyze and implement exercise programs designed to release chronic muscle tension, minimize acute injures and enhance the functional capacity of everyday life. 

Bronson has more than 19 years of experience in sport-specific strength, conditioning, rehab and hands-on recovery. Through his extensive knowledge of anatomy and sports medicine, Bronson focuses on correcting muscular imbalances. Over the years, he has been providing rehabilitation for a variety of soft-tissue injuries and health-related conditions including:  Motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, ligament sprains, over-use injuries, lumbar disc herniation, osteoporosis, diabetes and re-activation programs.

Bronson has had the pleasure of working with and treating many elite athletes in the NFL, MLB, & NBA and is proud of his work with youth athletics.  Bronson is committed to not only treating sports injuries, but prevention and maximization of sports performance of athletes at all levels and ages.

Susan J. Rogers, LMT, MLD/C

Susan Rogers is a licensed massage therapist offering comprehensive massage for pain relief, restoration, and relaxation. She has experience working with athletes at every level, from weekend warriors to elite professionals. She understands and applies massage therapy techniques to assist athletes in achieving peak performance, reducing risk of injury, and decreasing recovery time. Her goal is to help athletes perform better, participate longer, and have a higher quality of life after competition.